ADvanstix® MOVER

The one- or two-page
front runner

ADvanstix® is a unique and exclusive advertising format for front pages of print media. ADvanstix® attracts maximum attention from readers by prominently placing your advertisements on newspapers, magazines, or other print products. ADvanstix® is the ideal cross-media campaign platform. With ADvanstix®, you will attract new and existing customers to your stores, your website, or your online shops. Multiple design options and the ability to customize your offer leaves nothing to be desired.

Thanks to its sophisticated adhesive, ADvanstix® can be completely removed without any residue and reaffixed as a reminder: on a refrigerator, a PC, a desk... Thus, your advertising can last much longer and allows for unprecedented response rates!

ADvanstix® Mover is available in different sizes, as square or rectangle.


Do you search for other formats?

If you want to attract even more attention, then choose an individualized solution: A distinctive, contoured cut-out. Our special formats are the perfect option to combine all the strengths and potential of ADvanstix® with your customized cut-out. This enables you to make your very own version of ADvanstix® with its own character and even greater potential of recognition.


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ADvanstix® Upgrades for your campaign boost

Variable data/

This solution offers several advantages. You can place numeric and alphanumeric codes, bar codes, or QR codes on your ADvanstix®, and your printed message can be quickly linked to all the possibilities of the digital world. In addition, the code systems can be customized. This allows you to monitor the history and effect of your campaign.

Scratch-off boxes

Curiosity always wins out in the end. This is particularly the case if the solution is hidden behind a scratch-off surface. The boxes can be used in a range of forms and combined with variable solutions. When included in an interactive campaign, they can help to gain new customers or increase traffic at the point of sale.

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