With built-in awareness effect

Are you looking to bring your advertising message to more potential customers, increase sales and achieve unrivalled response rates? When it comes to print media, it doesn’t get any more prominent than ADvanstix® – targeted and close to your target group. ADvanstix® lets you communicate with your prospective customers at eye level. Take advantage of cross-media potential and experience the awareness effect: undivided attention and precisely quantifiable success for your campaign.

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The one- or two-page front runner


The multifaceted titleholder


A frontman with added value

With ADvanstix® you achieve exclusive title presence for your brand and message. The creative product variants can be selected based on your needs, are easy to scale up or down, can be developed for cross-media campaigns, and allow for exactly measurable results. All ADvanstix® variants can be applied in large print runs volumes on the most diverse print media titles, and can be removed residue-free.

As variant "Mover", a one- or two-page printed sticker, as variant "Pager" a multiple-page booklet, as variant "Presenter" a simple card or a solution tailored to your requirements – ADvanstix® is an innovative tool for your advertising success.

We are happy to show you how your campaigns can attract maximum attention
on the front page of your choice and generate measurable interaction.

We stick to what we know:
service, service, service

With more than a a decade of know-how, Advance-it Services AG has specialized in promotions and marketing communications with special advertising formats and messages that stick – on all types of print media and on a national or international level.

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